“When in doubt, pig out!” – Jim Davis (creator of Garfield)

The good news is……….I lost 2.2 lbs. since last weeks weigh in!!! Whoo-hoo!!!! Yay me!

That means I’m going to pig out this weekend!

Last night I started the wonderful process of operation pig-out by going to the new Shrimp Basket in town. I have always looooved the ones on the coast, so its nice to have a little of the beach here in town.

Tonight I’m going to make The Pioneer Women’s Simple, Perfect Enchiladas.  Sunday will be a normal church breakfast which consists of either bacon/eggs/biscuits or sausage and gravy biscuits and Sunday night will be Amy’s 4th of July Ribs. Monday I’ll be having the whole peanut gallery over for Cajun Chicken Pasta (another PW recipe) – this is a trial run for a possible tailgate meal.

Somewhere in there I’ll be making Carmelitas for dessert. They look AWESOME!

PW Enciladas

PW Cajun Chicken Pasta

Carmelitas courtesy of Lulu the Baker

So, there are the new items I’m attempting.  We’ll see how they turn out.

This is short and sweet but I had a cortisone injection (boo for pain, yay for results) in my wrist yesterday afternoon and its still a teensy bit sore.



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