“We’ll serve no swine, before it’s time” – Johnny’s BBQ, Cullman, AL

Thursday night is usually the night I go eat with “the mom” (proud member of the peanut gallery). Tonight it was at Jim ‘N Nicks Bar-b-q. Having been several times at locations in Birmingham, I had only been once since it’s opening in Tuscaloosa a couple months ago and tonight it did not disappoint. It has an awesome laid back atmosphere and yummy grub – which brings me to my topic of the day – the loaded BBQ Baked potato – or what they refer to it as the “Pig in the Potato Patch”.  It’s divine, that’s all I can say. Heavenly. Awesome. Yum. (ok, maybe that wasn’t all I could say 😉 )

What this spud story brings me to is…… (drum roll please) – THE original, THE best, THE most perfect potato in the world  – Johnny’s Bar-B-Q’s (in good ole’ Cullman, AL) Barbeque Pork Potato (can you hear angels singing?).

As described in their menu…..

…you got one lip-smacking, belly-filling, foot-stomping, bulldog-slappin’ tator that you’ll never forget!

(I’m also quite fond of the owner – shout out to Ron D.!!)  whoot! whoot!

Over the years, since leaving Cullman I’ve searched for a potato that could come close to this and Jim ‘N Nicks does a great job but it’s no Johnny’s.  One thing that puts JBBQ’s ‘tator over the top is the unbelievably good white barbeque sauce (which I need to try and make) that you can request, in the perfect for serving,  squeezy bottle – I just can’t get enough. The combination of the red and white sauce is incomparable. It’s slap your momma good. (but you best not try that)

Johnny’s Bar-B-Q Menu

I try and stop there when I go home to visit. Comfort food in a comfortable restaurant that has been family owned since 1963. The waitresses still call you honey or baby which in my book is as good as calling me by my first name.

Luckily for you, if you are traveling in North Alabama on Interstate 65 it’s just a hop, skip and jump (1.2 miles east on HWY 278 to be exact) from exit 308. I highly recommend making a stop. You’ll be glad you did.



13 thoughts on ““We’ll serve no swine, before it’s time” – Johnny’s BBQ, Cullman, AL

  1. Amber Milks says:

    LOVE Johnny’s BBQ baked potato!!!! I also try to go every time I make it back home. And, you are so right, the white and red sauce together .. heavenly! You can order the sauce. One of my husband’s friends loved it so much when they came down for our wedding that his wife ordered it for him for Christmas.

  2. Ron D says:

    Thanks Amy. Really like your blog. Great description of the bulldog slapping good “tater”. Got some white sauce waiting with your name on it.

  3. Sherry says:

    Amy, I have been to Johnny’s several times and I have never had the potatoe but I can tell you the chicken is excellent and so are the baked beans, fries and onion rings. I also think they have a desert that was really good but I can’t remember what it was.

  4. Bridgett says:

    I grew up in Cullman…love Johnny’s potatoes like no other, and am now trying to help the Germans out. My husband and I live in Wiesbaden, Germany now and the first barbecue restaurant we’ve seen slid a menu at our door this week. We talked with them before ordering…we’ll see how it goes tonight…but they’re very interested in trying these big potatoes with all the fixings due to our suggestions and raves about Johnny’s Barbecue in Cullman, AL. Go Johnny’s!!!

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