“I’m such a girl, I’m such a girly girl. I’m sippin on my milkshake with this swirly swirl.” ~ Nicki Minaj

OMG, I was sitting here being lazy on my last official day off from my surgery thinking – I would kill for a Krispy Kreme doughnut about right now but was being waaaay too lazy to get up and go get one (also knowing I sure did not need one).

Actually my FB status said “I want a Krispy Creme Doughnut so bad I could slap myself.”

Well. A high school friend then informed me of something I must try.

Get ready for it.

A Krispy Kreme Doughnut Milkshake from Flip Burger Boutique in Birmingham.

oh dear.

I just thought I wanted the doughnut.

Someone needs to bring to mama.

Needless to say – I will be making a trip to Flip Burger – I had wanted to go eat there anyway, I just had never gotten around to it. Very interesting menu. If KK doughnuts are not your thing they have plenty of others to offer. Check it out below.

(Click pic for menu)

There are two locations in Atlanta and one in Birmingham, AL.

Now I will have to add KK Doughnut Milkshake to my want to make list right beside the KK Doughnut Bread Pudding!

I’ll be back in the kitchen later this week so be looking for Chocolate Chip Nutella Cookies and Pecan and Rosemary Oven-Fried Chicken.