“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” – Maria Robinson

Last week I told you how super duper triple excited I was that my Erin Condren life planner had arrived via FedEx.  Well, it’s because that thing is just filled with awesomeness! My friend Rachel had tweeted about it, wondering if it were crazy to be tracking her planner’s delivery.  It made me take notice – this must be a pretty cool planner. (and no, it is not crazy, I did the exact same thing)

So I looked it up. And my OCD self was sold!!!

They are so pretty and colorful, you can design the cover the way you would like, with your name, initials, family name and you can even upload your own photos to be on the front cover if you would like! I decided on one of her designs and my name.

You can add things to it like color coordinating pens or matching notepads (which I did).

(And the notepads have little stickies that lets you stick them to inside back cover.)

It comes with stickers to mark on your calendar for special occasions and you can even order stickers that have your personal pictures on them to give it a more personalized touch!

It has a monthy calendar along with weekly calenders with separate slots for morning, day and night.

In the front there it has the months and dates listed for you to write in birthdays and anniversaries for an “at a glance” look.

One of the really great things about ordering this planner is that you can order it starting the month you want it to, so you do not waste any months nor do you have to wait til December to start a new calendar.

So, basically, if you are a planner, or just plain OCD like me – this is a very pretty, fun and colorful way to go about your scheduling!!

Check it out!!



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