“It’s funny how fast you can get up in the morning once you’ve realize you overslept.” ~ unknown

Since I have been in search of new, tasty, simple ideas for my quickly approaching new lifestyle, I thought it would be a good time to try out the “cinnamon roll in the waffle iron” idea I have seen all over Pinterest for months.

You know what??

That was a pretty good idea somebody had!!

I already took the easy approach when it came to cinnamon rolls by buying the ones in the can (or better yet – picking them up in a bakery) but it still was a weekend morning thing because you had to preheat the oven (10 mins) then bake for some 15 or so minutes more.  They were on the table I’d say in 30 minutes, give or take. (I know this doesn’t sound like a whole lot of time but compared to grabbing a Fiber One Bar as your walking out the door – that’s a whole lot of time.)

Well. Let me just tell you – I had all 5 rolls (one at a time -mind you) cooked and on the plates by the time my oven would have normally just heated up.


Granted, you are going to have more of the crunchier outside than the gooey inside that comes with traditional cooking but I like that too.

I would definitely give it a try on those time crunched mornings!

photo-33Happy Wednesday!