Today I must have awakened feeling very adventurous, I decided to start a blog and a diet.  If you knew how much I like to cook AND eat you would understand the problem with the diet. Also, if you knew how technologically challenged I am you would seriously wonder why I am attempting this new venture. Example being – I have an appointment today at The Core (an apple specialist store in town – which I highly recommend) to show me how to make my mac, iphone, ipad and ipod all work together. Which at this point, none of them do, that’s if I can get them to work at all. Good luck to them with that one!

As I mentioned in the about me – Amy Poore is just my name. I actually live a very happy, rich and fulfilled life with a host of wonderful and interesting characters – all of whom I love very much including a handful who are having mini panic attacks at the moment due to my new little hobby and their current thoughts on being introduced to the blogging world. They needn’t worry – it’s all good at pooreamy.com.  Everyday might not be all sun and roses – but it will not be shared here. This is a happy site. Food, fun, friends and family. And more food. (did I mention, I like to eat?)

So I hope (if anyone ever reads this), that my page can be helpful, fun and mildly entertaining. I needed something to do with my time – I hope I have found my niche.